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Let's Build Community Together

Offer your residents the greatest amenity of all: community!

We are currently in beta & working with multi-family properties

Resident Matching

We get to know your residents through our 15-minute questionnaire. Through our proprietary algorithm, we then match them in groups of 3-4 and give them suggested times & and activities to do for their meet-up 

Drinking Coffee
Children's creativity

Curated Resident Events

In addition to the small group matching, we help you plan larger curated events for residents, tailored to their interests. We give you the blueprint for each event, provide you with a Knit Kit, and can also support on-site facilitation. We track RSVPs, attendance, and resident feedback.

Additional Support

Resident Bulletin Board & SMS Communication

Quarterly Resident Snapshot

Knit Network of Event Professionals

Social Media & Marketing Support

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